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Broke Brewing Company is one of Oklahoma City’s newest breweries.

We’re located in the NW side of OKC, right off Route 66! Our master brewer, Mike Groshong, has been commercial brewing for nearly 30 years bringing lots of experience and some very tasty beers! We also offer handpicked wines and non-alcoholic drink selections for family and designated drivers.


Our mid-century modern taproom is both sophisticated and relaxing. Inspired by our favorite elements from the art deco era and Madmen style of the 60s and 70s to create the ultimate afterwork recharging spot.

Tap Room

Audio Console

Seating area

Bar Seating

Brewing Area

Bar Taps


SAT: 11AM-12AM

Charn Langford

Charn has a background in manufacturing, product development, and went to college at the University of Oklahoma for business administration. He spent several years traveling the world training technicians and conducting market research for DD Audio. The traveling also allowed him to seek out craft beer across the globe, experiences that have guided the direction of Broke Brewing. He manages the purchasing, distribution, and the taproom which is also where he is regularly found making sure you never find the bottom of your pint glass.


Mike Groshong
Master Brewer

Mike comes from a family of brewers and was actually born in a wooden foudre that his mother was cleaning for a new brew day. Always the one to lend a helping hand, he literally hit the ground cleaning tanks from day one. As a noted brewing savant, Mike began brewing with buckets and pails in his sandbox, becoming quite the popular local hero on the playgrounds. He learned to ride his bike in circles while cleaning the insides of the giant Foudres, stoking a passion for daredevil 2-wheel deeds. He joined the circus, traveling the seven seas, and entertaining the masses under the bigtop with his motorcycle feats of dare in the Globe of Death, once hailed by PT himself as, the dizziest man alive.


But, when you grow up with wort in your veins and a hose in your hands, he felt the mighty pull of the yeast, and longed to create his own piles of trub. Nearly 30 years ago he began the journey of making craft beer professionally, working within and out of the state from startups to established breweries. Then the fateful day came when sailing on one of the smaller seas, he met a fellow traveler who shared the love of wort and the desire to be broke. The course was set, and Aegir, the norse brewer to the gods, was pleased.